About Trade Cigarettes

Trade Cigarettes is part of a Cherwell Group.  We supply only UK duty paid tobacco and will carry images and health warnings in English.

We have been expert in cigarette dispensers and vending for over 40 years.

These machines can now be legally used in the pub, club, restaurant and hotel trade for business owners to safely store their tobacco stock and enable them to satisfy their guests and customer's smoking needs.  The machine is located behind the bar or cloakroom and operated by you or your staff.

We also provide larger dispensing machines for retailers to enable them to continue to sell tobacco in the forthcoming dark market.  Cigarette brands are accessed via the wireless keypad supplied.  Having your tobacco safely stored in a steel dispenser keeps it safe from theft and also reduces staff shrinkage.

Order your tobacco online or on the phone at prices typically lower than your cash and carry, we will courier it to you saving you a lot of time and a lot of money.  Order before noon and we can have it delivered next day.  This is a unique service only available to businesses who rent Cherwell Group tobacco dispensers, or have a contract with us.